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Where’s my refund (wmr) – site not updating – due to date filed, Best answer: a) tt b) 1040 c) 8 d) florida e) 1200 single accepted by irs on the 17th posted this morning! : your tax refund is scheduled to be direct.
Has anyone received their tax refund via direct deposit and wmr, Got accepted feb 4th 2013 where is my tax refund wisconsin 2013 tax refunds fraud has anyone that had a specific deposit date for their tax refund got it earlier has.
Topic: your tax return is still being processed. a refund date, I’ve had this ridiculous refund status on wmr and the hotline since jan. 31. filed on 1/17 and accepted by irs on 1/25. only claimed eitc and child tax credit for.

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When to expect my tax refund? – the college investor — young, A chart that shows you when you can expect your tax refund in 2013. also, a look at how to check for your refund on the irs website..
What does it mean if the irs wmr site says that its processing my, 2011 the irs did not deposit funds to your account as originally expected the irs usually makes refund deposits within 9 to 16 days but your deposit was not received.
Where’s your refund? | the original refund grapevine community, Post your actual tax refund experience here this is a “user to user” site and the primary mode of support is peer-to-peer, meaning users helping other users..

Yahoo! answers – 2012 tax refund date?, Best answer: the wmr site has only updated to let you know they are processing your return at this time. the date they originally give is always later than.

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