what if my tax refund says it is still being processed after the 21 days

What does it mean if the irs wmr site says that its processing my, Popular questions without answers your answer is in high demand! answer now and get double the points!!.
What does it mean if wmr says my return is being processed and, How others found here: what does your tax return has been received and is being processed mean; what does it mean when your tax return is being processed.
If my michigan state tax return says it is in pending review. what, The state of michigan is reviewing my tax refund but the information is not true. filed tax return on 3/11/12 w turbo tax. rec email on 3/12/12 that our return was.

nature? Some people would say he has lied to us again. I would say

Will i still get my refund if wmr says tax topic 152 – why am i, Someone said: we filed and were told it would be held till feb 14th. then feb 17th we got an email saying it was accepted and the irs website said it was accepted and.
What does reference code 9001 it mean for 2011 refund status? – it, It had status on fri/sat saying they received my tax return and was being processed & if no errors or other taxes were owed said i should receive refund by feb. 14th.
Its been 21 days and still no tax refund.? – yahoo! answers, I filed my taxes on 1/26/13 and got accepted on 1/30/13. since 2/17/13 the wmr website took away the bar and now says "return still being processed and a.

Why haven’t i received my tax return? | irs tax discussion, I filed electronically on january 18 and i am still getting the same thing your tax return is being processed and you should receive it by february 7..

were told only that your tax return is still being processed a refund

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