does injured spouse delay tax refund

How do i file injured spouse to save our refund because my spouse, How do i file injured spouse to save our refund because my spouse owes back child support? – turbotax has the answer..
Where do i send my injured spouse form ? i live in wv. – ask me, Help? where do i send my injured spouse form? i live in wv. does it not get sent to the wv state tax dept. in charleston? refund wv state tax department.
Irs forms – 8379 – injured spouse claim and allocation, Form 8379 injured spouse allocation omb no. 1545-0074.

former protection act fspa death of spouse grief

What does tax topic mean and will i still get my refund? – i filed, I filed my taxes with tax act which told me my fund will be deposited on 1/25/2012. wmr on the irs site told me my date has been changed because of processing delays.
Injured spouse allocation? – yahoo! answers, I have to file for 8379 due to my husbands child support debt (from his ex wife). will this affect how long it takes to get my return if i e file?.
My refund has been delayed by the irs for further processing! does, Lafolston asked: i was first told my expected refund date was changed to feb 29th, then i was told it was delayed and to use reference 1221 when calling, next i.

There is a delay in processing your tax return » blogging away debt, Our state tax return arrived via direct deposit a little bit ago. i’ve been anxiously awaiting our federal refund because we would break below the $13,000 mark with.

Injured Spouse vs Innocent Spouse Relief

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