what does the IRS refund mean: Your tax return is still being processed A refund date will be provided when available

What does reference code 9001 it mean for 2011 refund status? – it, It had status on fri/sat saying they received my tax return and was being processed & if no errors or other taxes were owed said i should receive refund by feb. 14th.
What does it mean when the irs site says "your refund is still, Your refund is being processed 2013. if form 8863 was not being processed until february 14,2013is it 21 days from the february date or the date i originally was.
What does tax reference code 9001 mean? | irs tax discussion, My federal taxes were accepted on jan 30, from that point the dd date was 2-14 today when i checked wmr it said we are sorry but we can’t give you any information.

 no information beyond that the IRS was still processing their return

What does it mean if the irs wmr site says that its processing my, 2011 the irs did not deposit funds to your account as originally expected the irs usually makes refund deposits within 9 to 16 days but your deposit was not received.
Will i still get my refund if wmr says tax topic 152 – why am i, Someone said: we filed and were told it would be held till feb 14th. then feb 17th we got an email saying it was accepted and the irs website said it was accepted and.
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First-time homebuyer credit questions and answers: claiming the, First-time homebuyer credit questions and answers: claiming the credit on your tax return. update march 31, 2011 — two new q&as were added at the bottom.

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