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Topic: injured spouse wanna wait with me? | where’s my refund?, I filed a injured spouse form on 2/1 and ordered transcripts on 2/8. i know that it can take 11-14 weeks to get processed so i was wondering if anyone wanted to wait.
Has anyone received their 2013 tax refund yet when filing injured, Someone said: we did our taxes february 2 2013. waited 21 days. i checked online at the irs site and called but it says still processing. we did our taxes through.
Injured spouse allocation form, how long will it take to process, Best answer: i also filed injured spouse for the first time this year for my student loan. my situation is not quite the same we knew that our refund was.

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How long does it take to receive tax refund after filing injured, I filed injured spouse jan 30. how long will it take before i receive my refund?.
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Injured spouse claim – ezinearticles submission – submit your best, Many people look forward to being able to cash in their tax refund check. now, imagine that you receive, not your check, but a letter stating that you will.

Injured spouse, where’s my refund? on aol answers., I e-filed taxes on 01/16/09 and 3 days later found out needed to file form 8379, injured spouse, to combat the offset from my new husbands back child support. first.

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