1541 irs ext 312

What does reference 1541 and extension 312 mean when i check my, Reference number 1541 internal revenue service. will the irs give you a refund check if you already owe them money or do they take it off what you owe them?.
I check my refund at irs website and it says my refund is delayed, – irs take action reference 1541 ext 312. what does reference number 1541 when checking irs refund mean? – reference number 1541 wheres my refund..
What is irs reference code 1541? – yahoo! answers, Just got off the phone with the irs regarding "reference number 1541." you can certainly call the number listed along with the extension 312,.

Yahoo! answers – what is reference number 1541 from irs?, Called the irs this morning. the agent told me that 1541 was in reference to money owed. 1-800-829-0582, when asked for an extension, enter 312..
When irs delays tax return and gives ref 1201 status 362 – refund, Delay is processing my tax refund reference number 1541. can the irs hold my refund after to 7 p m 1 800 829 0582 when asked for an extension enter 312?.
What is usa treasury 312 tax reference at askives, You can certainly call the number listed along with the extension 312 what does the irs reference code 1541 internal revenue service irs forms.

Irs tax processing delays with reference code 1541 | 1st media finance, What is irs reference code #1541 mean? federal tax refund status extension 312; random entries. updates on form 8863 3/6/13; why are 2013 nys taxes under review;.

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