average time for tax refund when filed injured spouse

What is the average time frame of recieving your tax refund if you, Best answer: if you file a complete and accurate tax return and you are due a refund, your refund will be issued within six weeks from the date we receive.
Injured spouse processing time and refund tracking? – yahoo, Best answer: it takes 6-12 weeks to process the injured spouse form, b/c the refund had been offset and irs must now go back and retrieve your half from.
Injured spouse guidance is not consistent, Injured spouse guidance is not consistent . october 2004 . reference number: 2005-40-001 . this report has cleared the treasury inspector general for tax.

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Injured spouse – freeadvice legal forum, What is the name of your state? indiana what does filing injured spouse mean? what is it to be used for?.
Taxes: income tax preparation, filing and deduction advice – msn money, Just one slip in filling out your forms could result in a larger tax bill or a smaller refund..
Has anyone received their 2012 federal tax refund yet? – doesn`t, It s been 8 weeks since i filed my taxes in 2013 with injured spousal form. i filed jan 30th, 2013. said it was accepted january 31st, 2013. still processing as of.

When does university bank credit my tax refund – i need the status, What does it mean when you receive a cpo5 letter, but at the same time on wheres my refund status the date change to march 27, does that mean you are 251.
Ed zollars’ tax update podcast, Last year there was lots of discussion regarding the changes to ยง6694 and how tax professionals were to apply the standards there against return positions..
Irs forms – 8379 – injured spouse claim and allocation, Form 8379 injured spouse allocation omb no. 1545-0074.

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