wmr says refund approved and gave amount and deposit date

Does the irs still direct deposit on the weekends – at h and r, Can you get your direct deposit federal tax refund on saturday the date for direct deposite was friday but my bank didn t get one? 251.
Can my federal refund be offset after the irs lists a direct, I may have a possible offset with the dept of education (long story) however the irs has listed a direct deposit date on the where`s my refund site for the correct.
When to expect my tax refund? – the college investor — young, A chart that shows you when you can expect your tax refund in 2013. also, a look at how to check for your refund on the irs website..

Has anyone recieved their 2013 tax refund? – yahoo! answers, I talked to irs today and it seems that there are people i included that filed on the 30th and the irs received it on the 30th and wmr is still showing.
2012 – 2013 irs tax discussion, Popular questions. income tax on $30000 salary? irs idverify letters? what should i expect for orientation at walmart? adjusting entry question? "gift" tax laws 2013?.
How long does it take for the irs to process your 2013 tax refund, Best answer: wmr is really acting crazy, i filed on the 1st of feb. it was accepted that same day. on feb.5th it was approved saying that my check would be.

Topic: accepted 01/31/13 | where’s my refund?, Taxpayer community to ask questions, share information and connect with others in similar situations, anxiously waiting on a tax refund and asking where’s my refund?.
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How long after the irs processes my return will i – turbotax community, Storminorman321; turbotax basic; 12:50 pm pst january 28, 2013; how long after the irs processes my return will i get my direct deposit refund?.

irs code 9001 mean tax refund is under review | 1st Media Finance

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