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Irs letter 4464c 2013 | roadox – roadox | the business blog, Got irs letter 4464c with a code bodc:wi what does it mean, best answer: it means there is a delay. bodc:wi just means the group doing the review handles 1040 returns.
Help! received a 4464c letter from the irs. any input? – yahoo, Best answer: i also efiled and i completed my taxes thru tax act, and for the life of me i cannot understand why it is not being accepted, it was actually.
What is irs letter 4464c – the q&a wiki, You have filed your tax return happily awaiting your federal refund to come. on the prescribed day, instead of a refund, you get a letter. these letters,cp5 and 4464c.

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Irs letter 4464cuh oh? – yahoo! answers, Best answer: the guy gave you the information available to him. there is no clear answer to your question, because ltr4464c is sent to taxpayer when there.
Irs letter 4464c…? | irs tax discussion, Just wondering if anybody who recieved letter 4464c gotten a dd yet?? how others found here: irs letter number 4464c; 1040 2013 4464c; irs income letter 4464c.
How long after a 4464c letter until you get your refund – someone, Once they issue a letter, the automated system becomes useless. in 2011 i went through this with the irs (letter 4464c) and they first wanted a summary of payroll.

Taxesss and a 4464c letter???? – ask me help desk, Will i still get my tax refund if i get a 4464c irs letter? and what does a review (conducted by the irs) consist of?????.
Topic: received a 4464c letter? gotten a ddd yet? | where’s my refund?, Taxpayer community to ask questions, share information and connect with others in similar situations, anxiously waiting on a tax refund and asking where’s my refund?.
What is irs letter cp05 – the q&a wiki, What is irs letter 4464c? , instead of a refund, you get a letter. these letters,cp5 and 4464c states in brief that the irs is holding. how do you get a non filing.

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