wmr says approved

Where’s my refund won’t give me any info.? – yahoo! answers, Best answer: unlike gari i don’t believe you are obsessing. i am having the same response on the wmr site, as are most ppl. it’s the very beginning of.
Topic: wmr take action message | where’s my refund?, Starting this thread to keep people updated who receive this message on wmr: big red exclamation mark that says take action. also says to contact them at 1-800-829.
Has anyone received their tax refund via direct deposit and wmr, Was curious why wmr reads a date of january 31st and that date is not on the tax schedule chart. i filed on january,15th and expecting my refund direct deposit, and.

If my taxes get approved january 30, 2013, when will i get the, I went through turbo tax and it says that taxes arent being approved until januray 30, but i want to know if they do get approved how long will it take to get the money?.
When to expect my tax refund? – the college investor — young, A chart that shows you when you can expect your tax refund in 2013. also, a look at how to check for your refund on the irs website..
Yahoo! answers – has anyone that filed tax return 1/31/2013, Best answer: my return had been stuck on processing since i filed on 1/31, but this morning it changed to status approved, with a dd date of this friday.

Has anyone received their federal tax refund by direct deposit for, Best answer: mine was accepted on feb 1st. every time i check wmr it says return received and it’s waiting to be accepted even though the tax program.
Topic: 8863′er | where’s my refund?, Taxpayer community to ask questions, share information and connect with others in similar situations, anxiously waiting on a tax refund and asking where’s my refund?.
What does it mean if the irs says my refund has been received and, What does it mean if the irs says my refund has been received and is beeing processed. ok so i did my taxes and efiled them on feb,26th and they were accepted by the.

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