still havent received tax refund from last year should i file this years

Why haven`t i received my 2012 federal income tax refund? – i, Its end of september and irs still hasnt reviewd my return its been 6 months since i put in an insurance claim and they still havnt paid me it s been over three.
Yahoo contributor network – what to do if you haven’t received, What to do if you haven’t received your tax refund lost checks, incorrect direct deposit information, and irs corrections and retentions.
I received notice 4883c from the irs. i filed my taxes a month ago, 4883c received verified but wmr still says processing. i filed my tax return on 1/17/2013 but i have a education credit, is that why i haven`t received my refund?.

How to get your prior year tax information from the irs, If you still need an actual copy of a previously processed tax return, it will cost $57 for each tax year that you order. complete form 4506, request for copy of tax.
Yahoo contributor network – what to do if you did not file a tax, If you should have filed a tax return for last year or a prior year but didn’t, you should file the return as soon as possible, to claim a refund or pay the tax you.
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Removing a schedule c business that transferred over from last, Open your return in turbotax. (home & business) click the business tab and continue to the your business income screen. (all other versions) click the federal taxes.
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2013 refund cycle chart for irs tax returns, Nobody really knows why the irs didn’t release a 2013 tax refund schedule this year. released a statement in january stating that a chart would not be.

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