what does it mean when hnr block says the irs has accepted my return

Common income tax questions & answers – get tax – h&r, Get answers to your tax questions. h&r block tax professionals relentlessly focus on making sure you profit from every deduction and credit available..
How often does the irs update the "where’s my refund, Best answer: you should probably see an update soon, if i recall correctly the irs updates their website every wednesday. and turbotax deposit dates are.
The irs has not approved my e-file return yet?, Best answer: turbo tax and the irs are telling you the same thing using different words. accepted/received (and in processing) simply means that it was not rejected.

Irs, h&r block release statements about processing delays, H&r block filed my taxes feb.11,2013. it is now april27,2013. irs is says there is still an issue and h&r block says sorry they have done all they can..
When does the irs accept your return? | ehow, Although the internal revenue service has streamlined its filing process, making it faster than in previous years, the filing process still doesn’t happen in real.
Turbotax vs. h&r block: here’s the other class war sparked, Turbotax vs. h&r block: here’s the other class war sparked by taxes. who knew tax preparation could get so controversial? as tax season kicks into gear.

Top 450 complaints and reviews about h&r block – refund, H&r block does not participate to monitor feedback and resolve your issues. are you this business? learn about consumeraffairs for brands..
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