why are my taxes still processing

Still processing my tax refund? – yahoo! answers, Yvonne: i also called and spoke to a rep, but she said all she can see is that its still processing. i wonder if i should call again and get someone who can tell me a.
Tax refund still processing? – yahoo! answers, Best answer: mine only started to show up yesterday for the first time and mine was accepted on the 17th. you could still get your return tomorrow you.
My federal taxes are still processing, but why is, Chelsea.palles; 11:11 am pst february 21, 2013; reply; i filed my taxes before 1/30 (i don’t know the date off the top of my head), they were accepted i believe.

Why is my tax refund still processing? | irs tax discussion, So i have the standard ez1040 with only 1 kid credit and thats it. i filed my taxes 6 weeks ago and i checked the irs.gov website “where’s your refund” and it.
Why is my tax refund still processing when i got a, Received state refund federal still processing. i filed taxes on january 17th and received my north carolina state taxes back on the third of february but i still.
Why is my refund still processing? | irs tax discussion, Jake on feb 22, 2013 reply. the “still processing” is generic and something the system automatically adds as you approach the 21 days, it has no specific meaning..

Tax refund still processing – babycenter, I filed my taxes on january 31, 2013 and they got accepted right away. i know in the past years i had a date on wheres my refund by now. i know they changed the.
Yahoo answers – why does my tax return still say processing?, You are not alone! my taxes was accepted 1/30 and the irs told me yesterday they had only recieved them on 2/1. that they were still processing those ahead.
Why is my 2013 tax refund still processing – why is my, While you may not have errors on something it is possible that something else happened. such as do you have any offsets? they usually cause a delay..

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