A processing date on my tax transcript says March 10 2014 what does this mean

Yahoo answers – my 2013 tax return is still processing?, Best answer: i am having the same problemmine has went to a "still processing" messagei filed mine on jan 31i done my sons taxes for him last week.
What does it mean when wheres my refund has no orange bars, What does it mean when wheres my refund status on irs website says your refund is being processed and a refund date will be given when available and the orange bars.
Account transcript cycle 20140605 | where’s my refund?, Ok let me break down the transcript cycle codes. for example, i have 20140605 on my refund transcript. the number is not a date, but a code. this year is (2014) next.

Transcripts | where’s my refund?, On february 27, 2014 igmr received correspondence from the irs regarding transcripts..
I 130 processing time for spouse, uscis file pending, I 130 processing time for spouse, you are here if you have been pending initial review at uscis for over 5 months. here are some filing tips while you wait..
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What does code 152 mean on my processing refund from irs, Earlier today i checked my status of my refund with the irs and it was showing processing and now it is not showing they received it why? i filed my 2012 taxes in.
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