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California to delay income tax refunds – about taxes, Update: as of april 2009, the franchise tax board has begun issuing refunds. california taxpayers can check their refund status at the ftb’s refund status web.
California to delay tax refunds, again – about taxes, The state of california will be delaying tax refunds along with other payments, effective for california tax returns that are processed by the state on or.
To avoid delays with your refund, please be sure all, Make refund payable to the applicant entity(s) as listed on form abc-211, application for abc license..

Some tax refunds delayed « bankrate, inc., Irs efforts to reduce tax refund fraud are causing a delay of about a week of issuance of refunds to legitimate filers..
Rob ford audience gets refund after elevator delay, Rob ford speech delayed after he gets stuck in elevator; rob ford stuck in elevator: hour-long delay to speech sparks quips online; rob ford patois video leaves.
Tax refunds could face debt ceiling delays « bankrate, inc., Tax refunds already were slowed by the delayed opening of filing season. now some lawmakers warn a debt ceiling fight could slow refunds even more..

Refunds – california state university, fullerton, Refund on basic registration fees and tuition. refunds of basic registration fees and non-resident tuition fee are calculated exactly the same for all students.
Refunds of security deposits – dca – state of california, California state department of consumer affairs homepage is designed to help californians become informed consumers by learning their rights and protection., portal.
Tax refund delay leads to overdue bills for poorest americans, William gale, a tax expert with the tax policy center, a nonpartisan tax research group, said tax refunds are the largest single payment many low-income.

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